3 Tips to Get You Laid

3 Tips To Get You Laid Č You ever notice how some guys have absolutely no problem getting a woman while others fail miserably time after time? There are reasons why some men are successful while others fail. Men and women are very different in many ways when it comes to sexuality. I’m going to share three tips that will help you become more successful at getting that woman. In the area of seduction, familiarity with the woman is the most important factor. If you’re using the same tactics that you saw on TV or read in the news without paying attention to the woman, it’s not a good technique. So have a read and use them or not.

As men we want to drive a woman crazy. We want them to crave us and to act as if they’ve known us for years. It’s very necessary for a few minutes of passion and it’s good that you’re taking the time to drive her crazy. If you just start striking out on your first date, she’s going to be stuck thinking about that date and be thinking about you for a few days or longer.

familiarity is the main thing. If you don’t know a woman too well and she thinks that you don’t know her too well, it’s a sexual NON-sequitur. If you do know her well but are striking out too hard, it destroys sexual tension.

Here’s a little known fact: If you’re doing a direct relatively straight answer about your age or sexuality, about whether you’re straight, gay, diabetic or what, that’s a major turnoff and she’s not going to be interested in you.

So in that respect, when you’re talking about straight and gay, straight and gay, do try to avoid talking about labels that she doesn’t already think about as gay or straight.

Ask her direct questions like “what’s your favorite kind of sex?” and 시알리스 효과 “what’s your favorite sexual experience?” That’s a good starting point to talking with her.

Then talk about the first time you guys met, and what you guys like about each other. That helps you introduce the conversation into real conversation and build it up from there.

Compliment her and let her know how much she turns you on. Then talk about other things you guys like. It helps her feel I’m not a push over and be comfortable in your presence.

It’s direct and it’s a little bit aggressive. And if she goes along with it, it just might become sexual tension. If she says “he’s a little too aggressive,” you can adjust your approach or just plain tell her you’re not going to sleep with her anyway. But make sure you’re honest about your intentions.

A good guideline is to let her initiate sex at first. If she’s always been the one to go first, then it’s natural that she’ll take charge, too. You want to let her first kiss and “paddle” you along with some sensual stuff. If you do go first, it’s a great sign to approach sex as you are making love to her.

Follow her directions.If she really likes oral sex, she’ll want to try it with you. If she wants to try intercourse, she’ll want to let you know. If she’s still interested after you come, it’s a good sign she wants to take it to the next step.

Always listen and pay attention.Women are giving cues to men to perform not only on the body but also on the emotions and intellect. If you are not listening and following her cues, you are bound for some disaster later.

Don’t cheat.If she gives you a signal that she wants to have sex with you, don’t cheat just to satisfy your selfish pleasures. She will be thinking about you and other women at work and think about how you could have satisfied her.

If you don’t think you are doing something right, she might have a different opinion.

2. If she tells you she wants to have sex with you, you might want to try something new.

If her partner is happy and going naturally in the bedroom, she probably doesn’t need to tell you anything.

However, if she is getting emotional during sex and needs more love from you, she might want to tell you.

3. You might also want to try to give her an orgasm.

The clitoris and g-spot are very important to giving a woman an orgasm. You can stimulate the clitoris with your fingers, your tongue, and your sex organ. The g-spot can be stimulated by inserting your finger in the vagina and just massaging it. 3 Tips to Get You Laid

4. The female orgasm is aGYM.

All positions in G-spot stimulation are good for giving her an orgasm.

5. You can use toys to give her an orgasm, either in the form of lubes or fingers.